The Princeton Festival - Nixon in China

“Cameron Schutza is the Heldentenor Adams imagined for Chairman Mao, a big voice with a ringing top, declaiming his endless aphorism-catalogue (“My business is philosophy”). He sang subtly for some witty exchanges and sweetly when reminiscing with his wife; he moved like an aging but still energetic man.”

— Susan Gould, Bachtrack (

“…one of the primary breakthroughs among the Princeton cast members was Cameron Schutza as Mao….Schutza revealed the text as an ongoing game of ideological cat and mouse. As a supreme dictator, Mao would have convictions that would allow no argument — and here, you understood how his mind maneuvered.”

— David Patrick Stearns, Arts Journal (

"...Cameron Schutza, whose plangent tenor brought unearthly beauty to Chairman Mao..."

— David Fox, Parterre Box (

“Mao Tse-tung was sung by heldentenor Cameron Schutza, whose voice had endless power and presence throughout Act I.”

— Opera Metro (

"Cameron Schutza deployed a ringing tenor in Chairman Mao’s unforgivingly high music, showing no sign of strain during the character’s first-act monologue."

— Cameron Kelsall,

"As Chairman Mao, tenor Cameron Schutza...soared through his character’s high tessitura, portraying Mao as a man bordering on old age and showing tremendous dynamic control while often pulling out the Wagnerian stops from a seated position."

— Nancy Plum, Town Topics (

"Cameron Schutza possesses the freaky tessitura for the aging Mao’s philosophical reflections and double-tongued diplomatic barrages...he takes on Adams’s high ranges he truly seems the boy who knows no fear. His gentler phrasing in the final scene suggested many roles in which he could be valuable."

— John Yohalem, Parterre Box (